Quantum Psychotherapy

What is Quantum Psychotherapy?

Quantum is, in physics, the smallest quantity of some physical property, such as energy, that a system can possess, according to Collins Dictionary.
Quantum means energy. We are energy. This desk is made of vibrating energy. This laptop I am using is made of vibrating energy. There is nothing solid in this universe. Everything is vibrating. Everything is energy. There is nothing real unless it is energy. Therefore, I may say, change your energy, change your reality.
In my office, quantum psychotherapy is a form of healing of mind when there is a fundamental change in consciousness. It is an extraordinary form of change which requires changing the understanding of everything, from the subconscious level to the way of living everyday life.
“Change your words, which will change your thoughts, which will change your feelings, which will change your perspective, which will end up changing your entire SELF” Elif Angel Raynor
Quantum psychotherapy is based on quantum principles. The primary characteristic of quantum psychotherapy is believing that our sensing, feeling, thinking and intuiting are existing in two realms, possibility and actuality. Everything you sense, feel, think and intuit may actualize as quantum possibilities.
Within quantum psychotherapy, you will learn how to connect to the universe as you learn universal laws like “the law of cause and effect.” A person with anxiety will get many benefits from studying the law of cause and effect. Knowing what triggers their anxiety is the number one rule to study one’s anxious thoughts. Universal laws do not change, and they are highly studied by scientists. These laws govern our daily lives and our physical and mental health.