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My Specialty is Finding Peace and Happiness

My Specialty is Finding Peace and Happiness

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Ketamine integration, rapid, spiritual growth, and cosmic consciousness.

As the ketamine gently took affect, I was transported to a dark place, safe and cozy, but dark. It quickly transformed into a healing realm for my body, mind and spirit.

I finally let go. My body was vibrating with connection. I was not aware of my physical body anymore and it felt fucking amazing. I also remember feeling extreme gratitude for what was I was experiencing. Everyone needs to feel this, everyone needs this reset.

I felt so much love, I was shedding so much heavy weight…it’s hard to fully describe the feeling maybe divine connection. My soul was burrowed into the earth and as I came back into my body, I hugged myself, I was realizing in that moment that I am only borrowing this meat suit, and I need to be kind to myself. I had forgiven myself I had realized that I am love and we are all connected. We are all divine. God is not some unobtainable man in the sky we are all God. We all carry that ability to heal not only our physical bodies but our minds.

I knew even in that moment of letting go that I was safe, Angel had created this amazing environment for me. My journey with ketamine was gently guided and in short one of the most beautiful experiences to date.


I was struggling with anxiety and depression for some time, as well as recurring stress from past experiences. After our first meeting, I already felt relief. Elif is incredibly understanding and takes the time to truly listen to you. Her calm demeanor and methods of explanation really helped me understand what I was dealing with and how to address it. After several sessions I felt a renewed sense of self and now have the tools to keep my anxiety and depression at bay.


It has been a few days since my first hypnosis session. It was a beautiful, guided meditation through my inner most intimate thoughts and emotions. I was navigating trauma and grief with ease, all while being able to experience the emotions on my terms. I let go, I forgave and most importantly I healed. I felt very safe while under hypnosis, the setting allowed me to fully relax.


One of the reasons I love Angel's counseling services is because I never feel judged when I visit with her. Our appointments are a high point of my week when I get to check in with myself, in a sense. She really goes about and beyond in her efforts to get me where I want to be. I very much value her role in my life.

Anderson B.

Thank you Raynor Counseling for your understanding and for teaching me tools on how to be mindful. I have been able to learn how to embrace and understand emotions and self manage anxiety and self-doubt (feelings I as an artist experience all the time!). Thank you.

Bianca K.

Angel has counseled me in many areas of my personal struggles. She never brings focus to her own experience; she always remains focused on what I need at that time. She is truly compassionate and honestly wants nothing more than for you to succeed and find your own happiness. Her guidance helps me figure out how to deconstruct an issue into more manageable pieces so it no longer remains an insurmountable problem. Angel teaches you how to work through things so you learn how to deal with them without her walking you through them.

Becky B.

Angel is such a loving and compassionate person. I am always so excited to come and see her and can’t even wait for my next appointment. She understands me more than I know myself, she is knowledgeable in many areas. What a pleasure to work with her.

Anjulie P.

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