Causes Several different factors can contribute to the cause of anxiety in general. Genetics, brain chemistry, and external environments are the most commonly known factors. Furthermore, it can be passed from generation to generation. It is also associated with abnormal levels of   neurotransmitters functions. Traumatic life experiences related to abuse, neglect, grieving, divorce, major life […]


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which is also called PTSD is a disorder characterized by experiencing a shocking, scary or dangerous event and failure to recover from it. Although it is very natural to feel afraid and be traumatized during or after traumatic situations, PTSD is a condition in people who carry the traumatized feelings longer than […]


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is also called ADHD is a disorder characterized by the inability to keep one’s attention focused on a single task at hand, trouble organizing multiple tasks, following through tasks or avoiding tasks that require one’s attention. Most of the time, ADHD includes problems with hyperactivity like fidgeting, fast and long […]

WHAT IF I HAVE… Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar is a mood disorder which is also known as manic-depressive disorder. Bipolar disorder causes unusual shifts in mood, activity and energy level. The mood swings between depression and mania are very serious and can become very risky and dangerous. There are four basic types of bipolar disorders which all carry the mood swings. These mood […]

WHAT IF I HAVE… Hypocondrisis

Illness Anxiety Disorder, also known as hypochondriasis, is a serious disorder that leaves people preoccupied with the fear of having a serious illness which usually begins during early adulthood. Diagnosis of this disorder takes place when fears and symptoms persist for more than 6 months even after medical doctors’ evaluation and reassurance. People with illness anxiety […]

WHAT IF I HAVE… Alcoholism

Addictive Disorder or Alcohol Use Disorder Drinking, drug use or gambling are seen as fun pursuits by many in today’s society. It is because they all affect the reward system of the user’s brain. Drinking, for example, stimulates intense pleasure and it creates a craving to repeat this particular behavior. Although many people start drinking […]

WHAT IF I HAVE… A Child with Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder is behavioral and emotional problems in children and adolescents. Young people with this disorder has extreme difficulty to follow the rules and regulations and also have great difficulty in behaving acceptable way in society. People with conduct disorder are sometimes seen as” delinquent” and” bad” within their community. Understanding that conduct disorder has […]